Monday, 5 April 2010


So im at home for easter at the moment larding it up on fry-ups everyday ensuring a brutal dose of coronary heart disease. There is no scanner at my mums house so blog posts are now completely off topic and dont really have anything to do with illustration or even skateboarding. To get things started here is my mums totally rad toilet seet.

some girls house party went to shit straight away....shes anti-stoked.

I have this stock photo of a normal man, this is cool.

I myself am no academic but when im marking up prices on fluorescent cardboard stars i usually spell check by looking at the cans themselves. If these guys can run an off licence anyone can.


Mikey Cheah in his man bib.....

My dog in a fucking sick jacket....

Photoes of drawings.....cardinal sin of blog posts but what the fuck......

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